4.1.1. Choose carefully

There are a lot of Social media applications and new ones appear every day.

  • “Being active” on Social media is one key requirement to success.
  • Choosing the right medium depends on the target group and the message to be communicated.
  • Each Social media application attracts a certain group of people, and firms should be presence where the customers are.

There may be situations whereby certain features are necessary to ensure effective communication, these features are offered by one specific application. For example, when the U.S. Army tried to reach the Hispanic community, they decided to use the Social networking application; Univision, one of the reasons was because Univision is the Social networking application with the largest amount of Latin American audience. One of the other reasons to why Univision was chosen is because it offers a moderating service that will check comments from users for appropriateness before posting them on the site. Other applications like Facebook let the users post messages without any supervision.


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