4.1.5. Access for all.

Once it is decided that the firm is using Social media applications it is worth checking that all employees may actually access them. Many firms usually block Facebook, YouTube and Second Life on corporate computers for fear that staff might spend a lot of time on Social media rather than working. This is a possibility, but it cannot imply that employees need special permission to enter the company blog. But you do need to avoid that every one of your employees are working on material to the blog at the same time. One possibility is to make one group in charge of the management of corporate Social media, and let the other employees be occasionally participations. The first group will then have the administrator rights – while the second group does not. Eventually there will be necessary to create guidelines for the Social media usage. For example it is very important that every employee needs to identify himself or herself when posting a comment on the corporate blog. Otherwise, end-consumers could get the wrong impression that anonymous accounts are used to enable employees to post fake messages and overly-positive feedback. This could seriously damage your whole Social media campaign.


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