5. Mobile Web 2.0

Social media allow firms to engage in direct end-consumer contact at relatively low cost. The efficiency is higher than on the more traditional communication and media tools. Social media is relevant for multinational firms as well as for small and medium sized companies, and nonprofit and government agencies. The potential gains of using Social media are huge, even though using it can be a challenge and demands new thinking. A new trend is coming, mobile Social Media. mobile Web 2.0 is very similar to Web 2.0. In contrast to its predecessor Mobile Web 1.0, which relied on proprietary protocols and use-based pricing, Mobile Web 2. 0 I characterized by open standards and flat-rate systems. Even the manual entry of web addresses using small and difficult –to-handle keyboards is becoming history. Soon, every item around you will be equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that will be able to atomically connect to your mobile phone and send URLs to them, similar to today’s text messages. This technical evolution is moving Social media over to mobile phones and away from PCs and laptops. You can use Facebook, Twitter and watch YouTube movies on your iphone! Mobile Social media applications are expected to be the main driver of this evolution, soon having 50% of the market. You can look at this as a step closer to Internet democratization and closing the digital divide between developed and emerging countries. In India for example, mobile phones outnumber PCs by 10 to 1. In Thailand only 13% owns a computer, versus 82% who have access to a mobile phone. Pew Research Center estimates that by 2020, a mobile device will be the primary Internet connection tool for most people all over the world. Mobile Social media applications are most likely to reach a so far unexploited ground of new users. Some people will argue Mobile Social media and say that while it enables you to stay in contact with friends and family far away, it can create a society where you don’t know the names of our neighbors. Either if you disapprove or approve of this evolution it seems to be inevitable that (Mobile) Social media will be the reason to how the World Wide Web evolves.




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