3.2. Blogs

Blogs is the earliest form of Social media, and are special types of websites that display date-stamped posts in reversed chronological order. Blogs or personal web pages can come in very different variations from personal diaries to summaries of all relevant information in one concrete content area. Blogs are usually managed by only one person, but you can interact with others by using comments. Text based blogs are absolutely the most common. But San Francisco based Justin.tv allow users to make personalized televisions channels, they can broadcast images from their own webcam in real time to other users. Many companies use blogs to update employees, customers and shareholders on information they consider to be important. But blogs do not come without risks. First, costumers that are unsatisfied by a product or a favor may want to engage in virtual complaints, by using blogs or creating/joining a protest website. This can lead to damaging information in online spaces for the companies. Second, if firms encourage the employees to be active on blogs, they risk that staff members may write negatively about the firm and the firm may have to live with the consequences.


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