3. Challenges and opportunities

Collaborative projects enable many end-users to create content, and that is why collaborative projects probably are the most democratic instance of UGC. Wikis – are websites that allow user to add, remove and change text-based information, for example the online encyclopedia Wikipedia a wiki that is available in over 230 languages. Social bookmarking – enables group-based collection and rating of internet links, or media content, for example Delicious which allow storage and sharing of web bookmarks. The idea behind collaborative projects is that the effort of many persons will lead to better information and results than any other person could accomplish by themselves. Firms need to be aware that collaborative projects are continuously growing to become the leading source of information for many consumers. Not everything that is written on Wikipedia is a fact, many of the internet users believe in what they read on Wikipedia among others. In regards to corporate crisis this type of information may harm companies. But collaborative projects also provide unique opportunities for firms. Nokia for example use wikis to update employees and to trade ideas. And Adobe Systems manage a list of bookmarks to company-related websites and conversations on Delicious.


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